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About me

From a very young age, I loved to escape in a self-created world. Always drawing, constantly shaping my dreams and looking for beauty.



The multiverses in my head generate an over-active mind, bulking with ideas and concepts. Whilst creating artworks, I forget about time and place.

Strains like temperature, fatigue, pain or worries seem to dissolve. The world consists of nothing but my canvas. We become one, I dive into the piece and start wandering around in this unknown microcosm. 


It’s a mystic passage to a secret chamber where playfulness and wonder celebrate their marriage. 

It’s the domain where I’m truly free. Unbound. Detached. Enlightened.

My works exhale a soundless scream of power and liberty. May they fill your interior, gallery or environments with a luscious escape to solace. 

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